5 Reasons to Love Peruvian Coffee

By Karina Davila | April 30, 2013

Coffee? Dark, no sugar and a little milk please. I just can’t begin my day without a cup of good and tasty coffee. What about you? And what if it’s organic, fair trade and grown on the slopes of the Andes?

Peru has become the main producer and exporter of organic coffee on the continent. Most of its beans (Arabica variety) grow in the Cloud Forest and on the small local farms.

Farmer drying Arabic coffee beans – photo courtesy of Enrique Castro-Mendívil

Here are five reasons you should have Peruvian organic coffee in your kitchen or office:

  1. Organic. Yes! Without any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Organic plantations need to have a sustainable crop rotation. Therefore, they are friendly to the environment.

  2. Sustainable. Local farmers are organized in cooperatives, which provide a stable market and a fair price for their products.

  3. Traditional. Most plantations are grown in a traditional manner. The generations of farmers uphold the quality of their coffee.

  4. World’s Best Coffee. Have you heard about Peru’s Café Tunki? Grown in the Sandia Valley of southeast Peru, this coffee won the Best Specialty Coffee In The World in 2010 due to its floral aroma and chocolate flavor.

  5. Connoisseurs love Peruvian coffee. They say that once you taste it, you will never stop drinking it.

Farmer collecting organic coffee beans – photo courtesy of Enrique Castro-Mendívil

If you love coffee and you are in Lima, don’t leave the city without dropping by Café Verde, Arabica Espresso Bar in Miraflores or Tostaduría Bissetti located in the bohemian district of Barranco.

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