Keurig Learner's Permit

Here are some facts and features about Keurig and K-cups:

- only Keurig licenced cups can be called "K-cups" as this is a trademarked name. Other brands have their own name for their single serve offerings like "RealCup" "Onecup" etc.

- Here in Halifax, NS all K-cups can be recycled.( in most jurisdictions across north America they are not recycable) Just peel of the lid, remove the coffee and filter (for your green bin) and put the plastic bottom out with your plastics like milk jugs etc.

- some K-cups are easier to recycle than others. Look for easy-peel lids and ones made from #2 plastic as this type is recyclable almost everywhere in Canada/USA. Some K-cups are also 100% biodegradable ( BioCups from White Coffee Corp)

- there are over 500 varieties of "K-cups" available in the Halifax area.

- K-cups designated as Bold or Extra Bold mean that more coffee was put in the K-cup so you would get a stronger cup. Bold or Extra Bold can come in light, medium or dark roasts.

- Roasting levels dictate the taste of the coffee, not the strength (see above) Generally the levels go as follows; Light, Medium, Dark, French, Italian, Espresso. Some companies have their own roasting terms like "Blonde" or "Full City" but these are generally just for marketing.

- K-cup coffee and tea has basically no calories ( so minimal does not require listing on packaging) Flavored coffee also has no calories. Only Kcups designated as cappucinos, lattes, hot chocolates or cocoas have calories and ingredient lists.

- Keurig coffee is generally gluten-free. Flavored coffees may have trace amounts (VERY TRACE!) of gluten left from the flavoring process.

- Many K-cups are made from organic coffee.

- Many K-cups are made from fair trade coffee

- Many K-cups are made from rainforest alliance coffee

- Many K-cups are made from single-origin coffee

- your brew size setting on your Keurig machine, besides controlling the amount of coffee you get, will also control the strength of the coffee you get.

- Brew-over-ice K-cups are generally just extra-bold K-cups that have been rebranded as brew over ice. Any K-cup can be used to "Brew-Over-Ice". Just use the smallest brew setting so it doesn't taste so watered down

- best before dates on k-cups are actually a 'guarateed freshness date" and past date K-cups are very safe to drink and pretty much impossible to tell apart from newer K-cups when drinking.

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